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  • The Hollywood Reporter published an interview with Mark on their last November 7th issue, in which he talks about The Hulk’s future, the dangers of fracking and “smear campaigns” against actor activists.

    You co-founded Water Defense in 2010. What are you hoping to accomplish?
    It came out of my fight against hydrofracking and the water uses around hydrofracking. We’ve entered this entirely new era of energy extraction that happens to put water at great risk. We want to build out a national map where we can empower civilian scientists to test the water and create a national open-source mapping of the nation’s headwaters. That was the loophole where we were getting screwed. We were always relying on the water testing of the Environmental Protection Agency or the industry itself. It’s become imperative to create this national map to take the destiny of our water into our own hands.

    Do you feel Hollywood is doing enough for environmental issues?
    Yeah, I do. Actors, generally, who get involved with these things have to make some sort of sacrifice, whether it’s just their time or the shit that they catch from whatever industry or lobbying group is threatened by them. There’s a reason that they’ll launch smear campaigns against actors. It’s because we happen to have a very deep reach into the culture. There are a lot of people in Hollywood who do take this seriously, and the ones who do really have helped. People see people like me and Robert [Downey Jr.] doing it and still having a career. And Leo [DiCaprio] — he catches a lot of hell, but he’s still doing that great, beautiful work. Is everyone doing it? No, but the ones who are are making a change in the world.

    Do you know what Marvel is planning for your Hulk character beyond that?
    I don’t really know what’s happening in the whole Marvel universe. I know with the Hulk getting [his own new] movie, they went from an “absolutely no” to a “maybe” after Avengers. If all goes according to plan, then maybe one day there will be another Hulk movie.

    Read more at The Hollywood Reporter website.

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  • November 04, 2014
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