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  • Yesterday was revealed the 30th Film Independent Spirit Award nominations and Foxcatcher earned something called a “Special Distinction Award“. The film was ineligible due to Film Independent’s $20 million ceiling on budgets.

    In 2006, the board determined a budget ceiling of $20 million, including post-production work. (Before that, budgets went as high as $22 million.) The rules state that any variations are at the sole discretion of the nominating committee and Film Independent.

    The org does not define “independent” solely on financial terms. A studio film can be considered an indie “if the subject matter is original and provocative,” according to Film Independent. In terms of financing, the org looks for “economy of means” and “percentage of financing from independent sources.”

    The film needs to be American, which means it has a U.S. citizen or permanent resident in at least two of three categories: director, writer and producer. Alternately, a film can be considered American if it is set primarily in the U.S. and at least 70% financed by U.S.-based companies. Everything else is considered international.
    Film Independent criteria

    Begin Again, unfortunately, was completely ignored.

    The awards ceremony is traditionally held the day before the Oscar ceremony, in the case of next year, it’s Feb. 21 on the beach in Santa Monica, Calif. and will air live on IFC at 2 PM PT/ 5 PM. ET

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  • November 26, 2014
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