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    “The Avengers” is up for an Oscar in the visual effects category this year, and while we could think of 100 reasons to support the nomination, it really comes down to one: the brilliantly executed Hulk.

    But it wasn’t just the Oscar-nominated Jeff White and his ILM team responsible for bringing Hulk to life. Crucial the process was actor Mark Ruffalo, who not only played Bruce Banner, but also fully devoted himself to creating his monstrous CGI counterpart.

    “I can’t credit Mark enough for his involvement in the process,” White tells CBR News in a new interview. “There’s no Hulk, really, without a great Banner, and I think he completely nailed that performance. Our whole approach to the Hulk is — there are so many kinds of art projects to figure out what makes a digital human look real, and the way we went after it was to say, ‘Okay, we’ve got Mark Ruffalo and we’re going to utilize him for not only performances and motion capture, but even skin texture.’ We did a dental mold! The Hulk’s teeth are sort of a large-ish version of Mark’s real teeth.”

    “Just always going back to Mark as kind of the thing in reality that we can base everything on made a huge difference in terms of making the Hulk look real,” he continues. “It wasn’t always fun, I’m sure, for him, having to wear the motion capture suit while everybody got awesome superhero costumes on set and having to do a lifecast for us and everything like that. He really is not only an incredible actor but just really gracious and really, really interested and involved in the process, but also just a super nice guy.”


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  • February 04, 2013
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