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  • Mark Ruffalo is currently preparing to take on the role of Bruce Banner and The Hulk in Joss Whedon’s highly anticipated film, The Avengers. In a recent interview with Collider Ruffalo talks about getting ready for The Avengers and reveals that the movie will start shooting sooner than we think… in May.

    “We have to get the script. We’ve been working on the script, which has been fun. I’ve lost 15 pounds. They don’t want me all ripped up, but they want me to be lean and mean. It’s about trying to get the psychology of somebody who knows, at any moment, they could literally tear the roof off of wherever they are and trying to bring something real to that and totally fantastic. I’ve been working with Joss Whedon on the script, with the rest of the cast, and we start rehearsals soon. Hopefully, we’ll have the mother of all comic book movies for you soon.”

    Ruffalo then reveals that the film will star shooting in the first week of May. He is then asked about what it was like being the third actor to play The Hulk in the last ten years.

    “Yeah, are you kidding me? I’ve got some big shoes to fill. I kind of look at it as my generation’s Hamlet. We’re all going to get a shot at it.”


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  • April 10, 2011
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