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  • “Oh, it’s totally a different set of questions” you get in Hollywood than the ones in Washington, he says, raking his fingers through that mess of floppy, boyish curliness. “One is, ‘Who are you wearing?’ And the other is, ‘How are we going to save the planet?'”

    He first learned about the fracking debate at his local farmers market, where he goes to buy the things that he and his wife, Sunrise Coigney, don’t grow in their own garden. That initiation was two years ago. Since then, he’s become the Natural Resource Defense Council’s most recognizable face, lobbying the state government in Albany to ban the practice in New York, and now working at the national level.

    Mark. You spent the morning meeting with congressmen on Capitol Hill. What issues were you discussing?
    “Fracking. Hydraulic fracking. They blast the mixture underground at such high levels that it fractures the bedrock, which allows the natural gas to escape. A real movement is starting to coalesce around water,” he says. “Our idea is to go from city to city [and unite] whatever water groups are fighting mountaintop removal, or water scarcity, or gas drilling – anywhere that water is under attack, we host a concert there. The ultimate goal is we need to start thinking about clean, publicly owned water as a constitutional right.”

    That’s in the hazy future. First he must navigate the Oscars, which, “as an event, is fatally boring,” he insists. “They don’t let you get up and dance or anything.” (Source)

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  • February 19, 2011
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