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  • Mark Ruffalo, the new Bruce Banner/The Hulk, believes there could be a stand-alone Hulk film in his future as well as more Avengers movies, according to an interview he gave to Empire. Ruffalo was out on the promotional trail for The Kids Are All Right, an indie film co-starring Julianne Moore and Annette Bening, when Empire asked him about tackling The Hulk in the upcoming The Avengers film (to be directed by Joss Whedon).

    “They set up several pictures over a couple of years and possibly there will be a Hulk movie. There’ll probably be a couple more Avengers too, which would be fun,” revealed Ruffalo.

    In an exclusive interview with Avengers director Whedon in July 2010, Whedon explained why he believes Ruffalo is the right actor to take on The Hulk:

    “To me, I wanted Mark because he connects with you. He is a guy who you feel that he is you and he reaches out to you in a way that I don’t feel the performances as Banner have really done. And this also has to do with the way the narrative works, but I feel I wanted to come at Banner and The Hulk visually from a new place. And I wanted somebody that had the quality that Mark has which is somebody who has taken hits from life but is not defined by that. He’s taken a hit and he stood back up. He’s not thinking about himself necessarily. Mark is a very giving guy and actor. When he looks at me onscreen I’m like, ‘That’s me. That’s the guy.’ And he’s like that as a person. And just talking to him about The Hulk I learned so much more about the character of Bruce Banner than I had ever even thought of. It was an instinct I thought no one would support. The studio were completely into it. Robert Downey Jr was super supportive. And you know everybody welcomed him into the fold and I was so excited because, to me, he’s going to be the first Banner.”


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  • October 07, 2010
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