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  • FINALLY, after… I don’t know, maybe almost 2 years? Well, it doesn’t matter, I added a new layout to the site, made by awesome Fram. There’s a few touches to do, but let me know if you see any error.

    The gallery has a matching theme, also, and was upgraded. I changed the thumbnails size, so you can see a better view of pictures before view the full size. Also, regarding HQ pictures, when you click to see the full image, and it shows a popup, the script now fits with your screen resolution. It means you don’t need to scroll anymore in order to see the whole thing. But it doesn’t means we don’t have HQ pictures anymore, we do! If you save the picture to your computer, you’ll get it full sized. It’s just to help our visitors with small screen resolution.

    Let me know what do you think on our new theme!

    Oh, almost forgot. We have a Twitter account now, so if you’re on it, follow us: twitter.com/ruffalocentral

  • Author: Luciana
  • August 06, 2010
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