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  • Rian Johnson’s (BRICK) second movie, THE BROTHERS BLOOM has unfortunately been bumped back from an October 24th release to a limited release on December 19th, followed by a wide release on January 16th 2009. Johnson himself explained the situation via his blog:

    “There were a few reasons for the move: October and November are crowded as hell, it’s a tough tough market, especially for a smart unique film like ours, and we’d have a week or two at the most to sink or swim. Whereas concentrating on a couple markets for awards consideration in December, then pushing the wide in the more open January slot just seemed like a better use of resources.”

    Johnson also discussed the key role that film festivals would play in promoting the film:

    There are alot of films competing for attention, the more time I have to travel around to film festivals, do interviews, show and talk about the film, the better. And that’s the one consolation I can give: I’m going to be doing the rounds at a TON of regional US festivals, I’m hoping to hit nearly every big one that happens between now and the release. So if you live near a big city with a festival, chances are you’ll get a shot at seeing it before January.

    The film will be screened at the Toronto Film Festival.

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  • September 03, 2008
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