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    Those of you who have seen Brick will know that Rian Johnson has a bit of a gift for re-inventing genres. With his first movie, the writer director brought a hip highschool spin to film noir and with The Brothers Bloom he casts his peculiar eye over the con movie. Expect mucho weirdness, of the good kind.

    As you can see from these exclusive pics, The Brothers Bloom stars Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo as a pair of sibling con artists. Ruffalo is Stephen, a happy-go-lucky swindler, while his brother Bloom (Brody) is the more sensitive of the pair, getting attached to each of his marks and often getting his heart broken. And when the latest victim of their nefarious ways is Rachel Weisz, a bored heiress in search of adventure, you can see why. That the film also stars Rinko Kikuchi (Babel) as a largely mute conwoman with a penchant for karaoke gives you a pretty good idea of the tone to expect. The flick’s set for release October 24th and the official site is partially online.

    The Brothers Bloom promotional stills

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