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  • I found 16 new photoshoots and added all to our gallery. There’s gorgeous pictures there!

    IMPORTANT! – I had to install a plugin in the gallery, because it was FULL of spammers. This script shows a captcha (a space with some letters that you need to reproduce, or you’ll be unable to login), and this prevent spammers. With this, you can comment the pictures added to the gallery. Please let me know (here or via email) if you’re having any problem logging in.
    Also I made a clean up in the gallery members list, all usernames that are just a mixed up bunch of letters and numbers (i.e. cla4x234p) was deleted because it’s indicative for spammers. If I made a mistake and you was deleted from the gallery let me know and accept my apologies.

    Photoshoot sections: Latest updates

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  • May 29, 2008
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