Infinitely Polar Bear

“Infinitely Polar Bear” Available on DVD/Blu-Ray!

Infinitely Polar Bear is available today on DVD/Blu-Ray and also on iTunes and Amazon Video. The film, who gave Mark a best supporting actor nod on this weekend’s Golden Globes, tells the story of Cam Stuart, a father to two young girls, Amelia and Faith, who suffers from manic-depression. The semi-autobiographical film, from writer-director Maya Forbes, takes place in the ’70s and follows Cam and his daughters as his wife, Maggie Stuart (Zoe Saldana), leaves him to take care of the kids so she can go to business school in the hopes of later being able to send their daughters to private school. Through his interactions with his daughters, we see Cam struggle through manic periods of energy, followed by severe depression, in one of the best Mark performances so far.

You can find now screen captures added in our gallery, but be sure to pick up your own copy!