Mark Ruffalo: “My Favourite Movie Is …”

Think you know Mark Ruffalo? What is his favourite movie? The actor makes the ‘big reveal’ to

“I’d probably say On the Waterfront. It’s [Marlon] Brando at… his all-time best. It’s Elia Kazan, who is one of the all-time great directors. And it’s just the perfect mix of great storytelling, social commentary and great acting. It’s political and still relevant.

“Those themes are still happening today. It’s universal. Coming from the theater, to tell those kind of stories in film, is what’s really exciting to me.”

Mark Ruffalo is currently filming 2012’s “The Avengers,” in which he plays Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk). “Sympathy for Delicious,” his directorial debut, opened in theaters April 29.