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Mark Admits to Lying to Get an Acting Job

We’ve all exaggerated our resumes a bit to get a job. But actor Mark Ruffalo took this bad habit way too far – and nearly paid the price with his life. On ‘Late Late Show’ (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on CBS), Ruffalo revealed that he lied to director Ang Lee, to get a part in the film “Ride With the Devil.” The name of the movie gives a clue as to what happened next.

The film was a Western drama set during the Civil War. As such, it involved horseback riding. Lots of horseback riding. Lots of dangerous horseback riding. Hence – ‘Ride With the Devil.’ Unfortunately, Mark lied about knowing how to ride a horse. He doesn’t know how to do that. At all.

During his first attempt at horseback-related acting, Ruffalo took things too far again. He jumped into the saddle, kicked the sides of the horse and yelled “Yaaaah!” Bad idea.

Ruffalo’s steed then took him on a “wild” ride through the woods. Mark held on while the animal galloped madly towards trees; he kept ducking to avoid the potentially deadly branches. “The thing … tried to kill me,” the actor said. Apparently, Mark got some (very brief) training after lying his way onto the movie. But the one thing he hadn’t been taught about horseback riding was “how to stop it.” Which is really the most important thing to learn.

But Mark survived, and his reward was to receive a brief guilt-trip from Craig Ferguson. “You lied to Ang Lee?” the host said. Ruffalo buried his head in his hands for a second: ” … I’m sorry, Ang.”