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Zodiac Screen Captures

Hi everyone, I’m finally able to make my reviews and also bring you some goodies. About Shutter Island, I think I might need to watch it again, because I wasn’t quite focusing on the movie, so I decided to talk about “Zodiac” because I finally saw it. I have been wanting to see this movie for a while and it just became one of my favorite Mark roles. I just love him as a cop, I think his performance is great and I still need to wonder why I didn’t watch this movie before. I don’t think the movie itself is a big deal, I didn’t quite like it’s ending, but I think Mark always does a great job in whatever he’s in, so don’t blame me, fan!!

So I made screen captures of the movie, since a friend lend me the DVD for a couple of days only, and we were missing them on the gallery! Stay tuned for more updates on Mark.