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Mark and OdetteThe adorable Mark Ruffalo took his new daughter, Odette, out for lunch with Ethan Hawke yesterday. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a man proudly show off his bundled up baby of joy. While Mark doesn’t look like he’s lost much sleep over his newborn, poor Ethan looks like he has.

More good news for Mark. Even though Reservation Road turned out not to be a huge hit, you all voted Zodiac as best thriller of the year. You win some, you lose some, and it looks like Mark is ending the year on a big upside considering that cute grin he’s sporting for the cameras.

After see the Odette picture on Popsugar, I came across to find new pictures from this day. I found some great and beauty pictures, but to preserve their privacy, since this site don’t support stalkerazzi, I won’t post it here. Sorry guys. But I found this one, that it won’t shows the baby face and it’s so beautiful, that I NEED to post it here. Look how adorable Mark is in the picture.

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